Architectural Columns

Each of our columns are made to order and to the requested height. The AAC column pieces delivered to site and installed using our patented cage system. The core is filled with concrete in stages during the installation. The diameter range start from 300-700mm.

Architectural Mouldings

CCA's architectural stone mouldings are made to the specification of our customers. Our product range includes architraves, mid-line and soffit mouldings. High quality, durable and affordable. Ready to paint with any texture paint product.

      Special Features

We are proud of the vast amount of design, supply and install of our custom products we have done.

The range includes window head mouldings, special pier caps, column features and reconstruction items.

We are also welcome your design 


Classic Columns Australia Pty Ltd incorporated in the year 2000 and offers Architectural Columns and Mouldings that are made from a lightweight Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) material.

The technology invented, developed in Australia and Patented Worldwide allows the build of any type or size of columns onsite without the need of a crane.

Strong but lightweight our columns are easy to install in both load bearing and non-load bearing applications. Our mouldings are fixed to the walls with bolts and screws and a lasting solution to any building.

                    Our columns are available in

Parallel, Tapered, Dual, Square or Custom designs

and a variety of Capitals and bases to suit all architectural styles. Our Architectural Column sections are manufactured in the factory then brought onsite and installed by one of our professional installers.



Fluted Tapered Columns

Exterior House Columns

Corinthian  Tapered Columns

Solid Decorative Columns

Aerated Concrete Columns

Custom made Columns

Parallel Fluted Columns

Architectural Mouldings

Commercial Columns

Aerated Concrete Mouldings

Custom Made Moulding

Custom Made Columns

External House Columns

Gazebo Fluted  Columns

Aerated Concrete Mouldings

Outdoor Fluted Columns

 Tapered Columns

Exterior Decorative Mouldings

AAC Solid Mouldings

Architectural Mouldings AAC

Swimming Pool Columns

AAC Exterior Mouldings

Alfresco Columns

AAC Columns and Mouldings

Portico Concrete Columns




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